The successful delivery of most reasonably large projects demand a spectrum of relevant skilled resources. IT projects are no different. Projects involving BPM and DM are no different. 

The challenge of involving a variety of resources to deliver on the required skilled areas is managing costs and project communication. The more people involved, the trickier project communication gets. One extreme option is to have all or most parties involved through a large part of a project to minimise miscommunication when one party hands work to another. However, that raises costs considerably. 

It is with a firm appreciation of this challenge, that we at SPECTRA IT Associates deliver our professional services to our clients. In order to optimise project delivery, a balance between continuity of knowledge and cost of resources has to be found. Securing an entire project team for the duration of a project ensures continuity, but prohibitive cost estimates might mean the project is never started. Alternatively, swapping people out too regularly will mean domain specific knowledge may be lost to the project. 

We employ specialists with a wide range of skills and commercial experience across multiple projects and business domains who are all focused on our core skill of BPM and DM solutions. They are service oriented and are expected to bring energy, experience, and commercial maturity to all our client assignments. 

Our skills base is underpinned by business analysis, project management, software development and systems integration skills. 

Our project managers are experienced professionals in the field of project management disciplines such as negotiating, presenting, resource scheduling, costing, scope management, reporting, risk management, estimating, people management and expectation management. 

Our business analysts are skilled and experienced in defining business needs, improving business efficiency, and providing innovative and constructive ideas to aid businesses in realising their goals. 

Armed with in a range of techniques, refined through years of use, our analysts will always endeavour to thoroughly understand and identify 'what' is required before deciding 'how' to apply the best technology solution within each domain space. 

Our software developers are finishers, focused on quality software solutions that add value to business. 

These specialists are available for ad-hoc and long term project assignments.