Advisory Services

Underpinning our Advisory Services offering is our desire to see you succeed in your BPM and/or DM projects. The role we play can be tailored to best fit your plans and objectives. Unlike most consulting firms, our goal is not to see how we can “increase billable hours.” We are driven not by the many hours that we spend with one organisation but by the many organisations that we can work with. It is the latter that truly adds to our experience and working knowledge. That will in turn benefit our clients.

Assist senior management on setting strategic direction and focus, providing input more from the technology and general industry perspectives. Includes: where to focus, where to begin, whom to involve, understanding the pitfalls and largest returns, and recognized good practices.

Needs Analysis
Where and what is needed? Great for those either beginning a BPM or DM initiative or for those wanting to jumpstart an existing one. We work with you & your team to understand what you have and what is needed (gap analysis). This may include a variety of offerings depending on your needs – Needs Assessment, Process/Knowledge audit, Business Process Analysis, process mapping, technology solution identification & evaluation, RFP development, and more. We work as a member of your project team, but we don’t lead your team – you must do that!

Available to senior managers as well as team members as an additional resource for those times when you “just want to talk to someone” without any commitment or contract. Great for sanity checking and brainstorming. Get practical answers through e-mail, phone call, or on-site meetings on an as needed basis.

Technology Evaluation
With our strong understanding of existing vendors and technology offerings – plus our unbiased views – we can help you pick the right tool for your operation. Expertise in BPM, collaboration, content management, records management, e-mail management, content organization, enterprise portals, unstructured text mining, and other technologies are available to you.